The inspiration behind BAMBABY set up was the birth of my daughter Evee. As a first time mom, I quickly realized the importance my child's comfort. I became curious and at the same time interested in the softness and the comfort of different kinds of fabric. After a lot of trials and errors, one fabric stood out among many others. It was a love at first feel! Not just the softness but is stretchability, quick drying, thermal regulating and sustainability that caught my heart.

As I continue to draw inspiration from my baby, Bambaby materialized when I was pregnant with my second baby. It gave me the urge to pursue my passion of giving comfort not just to my children but to all the babies. The key to my design and style is based on my own personal experience as a mom and also from the phases that every children go through in life.

The end goal of BAMBABY is to provide a clean, comfortable, naturally breathable, thermal regulating & highly absorbent, keeping little ones at the perfect temperature day & night, through every season.